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Nursing - 2nd Cycle Study Programme

Study programme 2nd cycle


The master’s postgraduate study programme Nursing is the upgrade of the higher education professional study programme Nursing in compliance with European directives EU 77/452, EU 77/453 and 2005/36/ES. Students shall be able to search for new knowledge resources in professional and scientific areas, take on the responsibility to manage advanced systems in health care and nursing, and develop critical reflection and social and communication skills that are necessary to manage teamwork. Apart from the obligatory courses of the study programme which are intended to train graduate nurses and graduate health care workers for demanding professional health care tasks, the programme also includes the elective modules. After a consultation with their tutors, students can choose the entire module or individual courses.

PROFESSIONAL TITLE Magister zdravstvene nege / Magistrica zdravstvene nege (mag. zdr. neg.)

Study programme general data

2 years

120 ECTS

Lenght of study programme

8 obligatory courses

+ elective modul

Study programme requirements

Master's thesis

+ 30 ECTS

Conclusion of study


To enrol in the study program, one needs to:

  • have completed a 1st level study programme amounting to at least 180 credit points (study programmes adopted after 11 June 2004) or higher education professional study programme (study programmes adopted prior to 11 June 2004) in the field of nursing,
  • have completed a 1st level study programme in other professional fields if one has got 10 years of appropriate work experience in the field of nursing and passes academic requirements (bridge exams) necessary to enrol in the 2nd level study programme Nursing prior to enrolment. Bridge exams amounting to max. 60 credit points are determined by the Commission for Academic and Student Affairs of the College of Health Care Izola on the basis of each candidate’s application. The commission checks the adequacy of the candidate’s work experience.

If enrolment is to be restricted, the candidates will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • for candidates under the first point: average grade of prior studies – diploma grade 40%, average grade 60%,
  • for candidates under the second point: average grade of bridge exams necessary to enrol in the study programme.


W - winter semester
S - summer semester

Requirements for progression to the next year

48 ECTS for enrollment in the next year.

Monika Santorini, študentka dietetike
“Undergraduate nursing study programme at UP FHS is very dynamic and varied. In addition to lectures, which give us the theoretical basis , newly acquired knowledge can be advantageously used in clinical training and later in our work. If you are interested in working with people and healthcare, this is the study for you!” - Mirko Ilić, Undergraduate Nursing Student
Monika Santorini, študentka dietetike
“I decided to study dietetics because this field is very promising . Nowadays we are faced with the " obesity epidemic " and we could say that "We are what we eat". Also, this is the only study in Slovenia in the field of nutritional counselling. Studying on the beutiful Slovenian coast is just another plus. If you are interested in gaining knowledge for helping people achieving a healthier life style, than studying Nutritional counselling is right for you.” - Žan Virtnik, Undergraduate Nutritional counseling - dietetics student
Monika Santorini, študentka dietetike
“I started studying at the Faculty of Health Sciences because I was attracted by the study programme Nutritional counselling - Dietetics . At first I did not know what competences and knowledge the degree in Dietetics will bring me, but shortly after visiting the Faculty for the firs time I decided that this was the right study for me. During the study I learned about the impact of food on the human body and why it is important to eat fresh and high quality food. I am satisfied with my decision and studying on the coast also has its charms.” - Nina Medved, Undergraduate Nutritional counseling - dietetics student

Student`s Opinions

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