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University of Primorska, Faculty of Health Sciences, Polje 42, 6310 Izola
05 / 662 - 64 - 60
Research in Dietetics

The student upgrades his/her knowledge, skills and competencies in the design and execution of research work and reporting on research. Upon the successful completion of obligations, they can independently determine the research problem and design and carry out a simple small-scale research. The course includes the following contents: the structure of the research process; types of research in the health sector; errors in learning and reasoning; sampling; basics of the theory of measurement; surveys, measurements and laboratory data collection for research in dietetics; revision of basic statistics; basic concepts of multivariate statistical methods and meta-analysis; principles and methods of quality data display; sourcing and scientific publishing; writing of transparent and empirical scientific articles; ethics in research. Within the course, the student (i) prepares a brief scientific article and (ii) a brief report on the analysis of the data designed and implemented on their own, and (iii) reports on their work in the form of an expert presentation.


  • Literature:

    Basic literature
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